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The real happiness is on the other side of the border 23/07/2022 / By emrah It is really comfortable to stay in our comfort zone – YES, but if we want to develop and grow: the comfort zone is the toxic zone. Read this post and learn how to step on the other side of the border of comfort!

Dreaming is okay — I belong to the dreamers’ club too. But you know where I also take part? At the achievers club. Start achieving after dreaming, because a goal without a plan at the end of the day — is just a dream.

Do you want to make the studying process easier? After reading this post you will be able to spend your studying time productively and instead of daydreaming&procrastinating you actually will study and understand the material!

A (facebook) group made to unite young people without any barriers to discuss and talk about any problems or challenges they face and help each other. It is also made to share daily positivity, quotes, thoughts, and opinions on everything you want. We live in the 21st Century when you cannot really trust people fully, so talking about those topics may not be the most comfortable with people and that’s why this group is made. All4All itself — is a fully safe space where you can feel fully comfortable with talking about literally anything!
*If you do not feel comfortable with sharing something with your profile details, you can always choose the anonymous option and that is what makes this group comfortable for all!*

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“Like a sapling that grows into a tree, Emrah grew from a little, passionate kid to an eloquent and determined person. So, as the tree uses its roots to grow, Emrah used his blogs to embrace his lost self and bring out the best of every situation, learnt how to live life and be sucessful. Just like our dear tree which leaves its seeds, Emrah planted new and inspiring ideals for himself to fulfill his dream, going slowly, but surely, not skipping any step, on the road to sucess. Thank you, Emrah for being who you are, a tree that stands the tallest within the forest.”

Jane monevski

“I knew that Emrah was going to achieve his goals sooner or later. When he called me to announce me the good news, he was sad because I wasn’t surprised and I said “ok”. It was because it wasn’t surprising to me, it was something that all of us expect from him — to be extraordinary and overcome all the expectations with his uniqueness and to come up with something WOW.”

nosipho nkosi