Frequently asked questions:

  • What is LBE?

LBE stands for Lifestyle by Emrah and it is Emrah’s blog and website used as an online safe space to motivate, inspire and share positivity with the youth! 

  • What is LBE Family?

LBE Family represents the team i.e the people who  work together in order for LBE to be run as smoothly as possible. You can become a part of the LBE family by clicking here and filling out the form 🙂 

  • Who is LBE run by?

LBE is founded by Emrah Jusufoski therefore LBE together with its blog fully belongs to Emrah Jusufoski. Although, there are several teams work in order for the online experience of the readers to be the best possible. 

  • Why is Emrah credible to talk about self-dev, self-help and lifestyle topics?

Emrah is not a professional person (with a degree) to talk about the aforementioned topics. Instead, everything written on this website is written from experience due to Emrah’s 7 year bullying experience. He went through all of the stages of finding and accepting himself while keeping the best GPA at school while having thousands of extracurricular activities (LBE is one of them). His life mission is to share his story and help as many young people as possible, so they don’t have to go through all of those dark moments alone or at all.