Will you just dream it?

Hi bestie,

Today we’re going to talk about our goals and aspirations. We’re going to touch specifically on their achievement as too many people have brilliant goals, lovely and exciting aspirations, and an idea – a vision – they want to achieve, but they don’t always know what exactly to do to achieve it.

For example, someone might want to be a politician and do good in the world, but is this enough? Someone might want to be great in math or history, someone might simply wish to go outside and buy some food. But there are reasons why we don’t always achieve the things we want to. There are also ways we can always achieve the things we want. To talk about this further, let’s start by defining the word.

The word “goal” according to the digital dictionary of the Macedonian language means something that a person strives for and wants to achieve. And, like every other word we discuss on my blog and really any important word, this word has a deeper meaning.

In my opinion, the goal is something that raises the whole life cycle. Everything that happens, happens for a specific goal. It can be as small as shopping or learning a certain skill or lecture for school – or as large as applying to a university, starting a career, or moving away from home. However, a goal is a goal, small or large – it is here, it exists and it is something that requires our action. My first example of becoming a politician, you’d think, is quite a big goal but anyone can become a politician. Anyone can stand up for what they believe in and represent the people they care about. Big or small, a goal is a goal and it can be achieved, some goals are more difficult than others but ALL goals can be achieved.

Many people do not take it seriously. From my experience so far, I can conclude that people generally understand the goal as something to be expected, something that even if they don’t work for somehow will work out, or something to be given by a higher deity – which is a misunderstanding of the word. A goal is something YOU strive for, YOU set for yourself and it shouldn’t be defined by others.

Obviously, if you’re doing someone a favor, for example tutoring them in math, then that goal is for them but it was defined by you, you still chose to tutor them. There are points in our lives where we can’t define our own goals, we sometimes have to do what others tell us, especially when we’re younger. However, it is my belief that people should strive for the kind of freedom that lets them develop and define their own goals, values and principles in the world. And that, to a degree, means being able to define your own life.

We dream of our goals, even for years. We dream of their realization. We WANT it, we sometimes convince ourselves that we NEED it and even DESERVE it. That is how strong our desire becomes. However, that is not enough. The universe, as I said in the previous posts, understands our desire as dissatisfaction. We simply need to understand that everything we want to achieve in our lives doesn’t require anything else but ourselves. This sentence may sound unreal but when you go deep into yourself, your thoughts, and the core of your goals you will come to this conclusion. To achieve a certain goal, you must work on it. Because you alone have to stand behind the essence and fight for its realization, no one in this world, no force, no deity, will do it for you unless you do not do it for yourself.

This shouldn’t be mistaken for not accepting help. It’s always okay to ask for help when you’re scared, when you feel helpless or even when you’re simply fed up and want someone else to do something for you while you do something else. We live together as people to help each other. However, as William Ernst Henley once said in his poem Invictus, “I am the captain of my soul, I am the master of my faith”. And THAT is what I want to leave you with.

In addition to what you want to achieve, you must strive for it. Think about this quote:

“If your dream does not scare you – it is too small for you”

read it again!

I learned at a very young age that I have to realize that without my goals and dreams – I am nothing. Without our goals, I feel as though, WE are nothing, we are empty souls born into this world to expend oxygen and leave. Humanity thrived because we learned this lesson early in history, because we worked for what we felt we deserved. Mathematically, the people who don’t realize this belong to the empty set but there is another division, another section, another group. Some are aware of this and want to change it and work on themselves inexhaustibly and think about it and feel it in their bones…and some have given up. You choose which group you belong to.

The purpose of this post was to point out that if you want something, it’s not enough to want it, you need to work for it. That is the energy, that is the magic that you send to the universe, to send to whatever God you believe in, or perhaps, to send to yourself. As the truest form of belief will always be belief in one’s self. That’s the way you should draw the target to you. If you do, it is indisputable that anything you want can come true.

For now, I leave you with what the great Dostoevsky said, “it takes something more than intelligence to act intelligently”, for me it’s what I described in this post. Do you have anything more to add? If you do, feel free to write about your goals and how you work towards achieving them in the comments below. Until next time, stay positive!

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